Backup and restore

The following files and folders within your Squish Test Center installation should be backed up to retain all information stored within your Squish Test Center instance:

  • testcenter/config/application.ini
  • testcenter/config/database.ini
  • testcenter/db
  • testcenter/import

You can either back up those files and folders manually by simply copying them, or if you only use the default database environment, by using the built-in backup and restore functionality.

To use the built-in functionality, open a command line or shell prompt, and change directories to the top-level directory of your Squish Test Center installation. Issue the following command to back up your data:

$ /bin/testcenter backup BACKUP_DIRECTORY

Where BACKUP_DIRECTORY should be the path to an empty directory.

Warning: Check that the content of all the 3 relevant folders is fully contained within the BACKUP_DIRECTORY after executing the backup command.

To restore your data, issue the following command:

$ /bin/testcenter restore BACKUP_DIRECTORY