Server setup

To get started with Squish Test Center, specify a SMTP server to use for sending emails, start Squish Test Center server, and interactively add a first user:

  1. Unpack your Squish Test Center binary package.
  2. Specify the SMTP server:

    In the unarchived folder, navigate to and open the application.ini located in /testcenter/config. Within application.ini, scroll to the ##ActionMailer SMTP section. Specify the connection's host name or IP address. For example:

    Also, give the connection's port number, as in:

  3. Start Squish Test Center:

    Open a command line or shell prompt, and change directories to the top-level directory of the unarchived package. Issue the following command in the prompt:

    $ bin/testcenter start

    If starting the server was successful, you should see in the standard output: \TC Started

    In a web browser, open your server instance (http://localhost:8800 by default). Enter your Activation Code, previously received by email.

  4. Interactively add the first user:

    Add new account to Squish Test Center

    The Email address is the de-facto username.

    The Full Name is the short name shown in the dashboard.

    For Choose rights (required), the following values are possible:

    • Admin: all privileges granted: user management, upload, viewing, modification
    • User: view-only privileges
    • Upload: the ability to push test results into Squish Test Center