Receive test result notifications

You can subscribe to a specific test to receive email notifications whenever the test status changes from passed ( ) to failed ( ) or vice versa. The notifications inform you about the status change and provide you with a link to the imported report that caused the status change. The test status is checked every five minutes, and therefore it can take up to five minutes between the test status change and the email being sent.

To enable test result notifications, you need to configure SMTP, as instructed in Server setup.

Subscribe to a test

In the Explore or History view, click the question mark icon of a test hierarchy breadcrumb to open the Profile view of a test.

Test hierarchy breadcrumb

Click the Subscribe button to subscribe to a test.

Profile view

Manage subscriptions

To get an overview of your current subscriptions or to remove a subscription, select Settings > Subscriptions in the menu that opens when you hover the mouse over the user icon.

Subscriptions view