Schedule actions

Squish Test Center can perform tasks on the machine where it is running. Administrators can select Scheduling in the user menu to open the Scheduler view for starting processes, sending email, or running a Squish test.

In the Project Actions view, administrators can clean up data imported for Squish Test Center itself.


Click the Schedule Action button to schedule an action, which is a list of commands.

Schedule action

Enter a name for the action and the date and time to apply it. You can leave the Interval field empty to apply the action once.

Click the Add Action button to add the action to the Scheduled Actions view.

Project actions

To prevent Squish Test Center from getting slower in time or just to save disk space, you can automatically remove uploaded reports after the specified number of days or all reports uploaded before the specified date.

In the Project Actions view, select a project and specify the dates for automatically removing uploads.

Note: Report uploads with the label .scheduling.maintenance=keep will not be removed.

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