Changes in 4.0 Beta 2

Here is a summary of the changes that have been made since the Technical Preview editions and since the Squish 4.0-beta1 editions, and which are incorporated in the new Squish 4.0-beta2 editions.


  • The --testsuite squishrunner mode no longer uses the obsolete --hook-subprocesses option.
  • If the obsolete --hook-subprocesses option is used a warning is issued—previously, use of it caused an error.
  • Qt edition—Fixed internal method offsets for proper access to dynamically bound QObject slots.
  • Mac edition—Added a new WindowOpened event handler.
  • Introduced a new version check that will allow the mixing of different versions of squishserver and squishrunner so long as they are considered compatible.


  • Fixed creation of Screenshot Verification Points on Windows.
  • Allow opening of test suites that do not have a suite_ prefix.
  • Fixed copying of Real Names from the Application Objects tree.
  • The New Squish Test Suite Wizard no longer finishes too early.
  • JavaScript source code formatting is now available.
  • Debugging is properly shutdown when Launch is finished.
  • Reduced the CPU load when waiting for the AUT to be launched.
  • Fixed miscellaneous problems with filenames retrieved from the script debugger.
  • Prevented a Null Pointer Exception occurring in editor context menus.
  • Fixed toolkit selection and validation in the New Test Suite Wizard.
  • Improved the error message when suite.conf is opened via File > Open.
  • Fixed the exception that occurred when the Choose Object Map File dialog in the Test Suite Settings editor is canceled.
  • Newly added objects are selected and revealed in the object map editor.