Version 7.0.1

Squish 7.0.1 is a maintenance release containing bug fixes for different editions of the product. See the following sections for a detailed list of all changes:

Squish IDE

  • Fixed missing dependencies in Eclipse IDE Integration package that rendered Squish as Eclipse IDE plugin not installable or upgradable on Windows or macOS
  • Fixed problem with inability to close some IDE views
  • Fixed missing File > Exit menu in the IDE
  • Improved performance of replaying BDD tests with large example sets
  • Improved behavior of the Image Verification Difference viewer when opened from the IDE so that it is automatically centered on the IDE window and merges with the IDE taskbar entry on Linux and Windows


  • Testing AUTs built with Qt 6.3 is now supported
  • Fixed crash with Qt 6 and Linux/X11 in nativeType("") i.e. with empty string as an argument
  • Fixed crash when using RemoteSystem.upload() and squishserver built with Qt 6.
  • Fixed crash when using testData.put() an squishrunner is built with Qt 6.
  • Fixed RemoteSystem.execute() incorrectly splitting command line arguments when squishserver is built with Qt 6. This fix drops undocumented support for nested arrays or lists of command line arguments


  • Fixed crash in webhook when testing with MS Edge browser


  • The Java Wrapper enables testing of AUTs running Java <= 18.


  • Fixed recording clicks on NSButton with an image, where a click on NSButtonImageView was recorded instead of a click on NSButton itself


  • ApplicationContext.usedMemory is now supported on iOS too


  • Fixed hang at the end of test execution when using multiple report generators and enabling video capture in the test. This problem affected setups using squishrunner in combination with various CI systems e.g. Jenkins
  • JUnit report generator (--reportgen junit) now also logs attachments and video recordings including file paths
  • Fixed JavaScript sporadic crash occurring on access to values of let or const declarations found in a local scope. Triggered by control flow interruptions via e.g. installEventHandler() callbacks.

Source packages/building from source

  • The output of configure --help now documents all available switches and clarifies when they apply and how they interact with other related switches
  • Improved configure script logic to find available Python interpreters for Squish builds. On Windows, Python Launcher (py.exe) is now used to locate preferred Python installation
  • Fixed building Ruby script support with Ruby >= 3.0

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