When you unpack a Squish package, it is put into the directory you specify. The Squish installation and setup neither touch the Windows registry nor interfere with any system files or directories. For example, Squish doesn't put any files in C:\Windows or /usr/bin.

The only files that Squish creates outside of its own directory are listed here:

  • Configuration files stored in the Squish User Settings directory, by default in %APPDATA%\froglogic\Squish or ~/.squish.
  • License file stored as %USERPROFILE%\.squish-3-license or ~/.squish-3-license.
  • Test results written to %USERPROFILE%\My Documents\Squish Test Results or ~/.squish/Test Results.

To uninstall Squish, run the SQUISHDIR/Uninstall script or activate it from the corresponding application's menu item (Windows/macOS), or delete SQUISHDIR.

It is best to keep the license file and to leave the configuration files alone so that if you install a new version it will already have all your settings in place. However, to do a complete uninstallation, delete the configuration directory (and on Windows the test results directory) and the license file, in addition to the Squish directory.