Perl Notes

Squish assumes that all files use UTF-8 encoding. If you expect to edit such files outside of the squishide, we recommend putting the following line at the start of each file:

use utf8;

A Perl-savvy editor will notice this and will correctly load and save using the UTF-8 encoding that Squish expects, as a result. This statement should also be used in any .pl files you require and for which you want to use the UTF-8 encoding.

Perl Language Documentation

The Perl documentation contains a manual page perlintro that can serve as a good starting point. Links to other manual pages, tutorials and FAQs can be found on the Online Documentation and the perldoc page.

If you prefer books, a good Perl book is Programming Perl by Larry Wall (Perl's creator), Tom Christiansen, Jon Orwant.

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