Version 7.2.1

Squish 7.2.1 is a maintenance release containing bug fixes for different editions of the product. See the following sections for a detailed list of all changes:


  • Testing AUTs built with Qt 6.6 is now supported.
  • Added the new setting UseStartDragDistance to qtwrapper.ini to apply only the Qt application-wide minimum drag distance when such distance is set. This setting avoids getting additional offsets when recording and replaying drag operations in QtQuick when the minimum drag distance is not set.
  • Fixed a problem causing Squish to record type() on Qt Quick WebEngineView objects in addition to recording on the HTML object.
  • Fixed a problem with picking HTML objects inside QWebEngineView (QtWidgets web engine support) with Qt 6.4 and newer.


  • Fixed nativeType("<CapsLock>") on macOS (regression introduced in Squish 7.1.0).

Support for macOS 14.0 Sonoma

  • Discovered some problems with running Squish tests and Squish IDE on macOS 14 Sonoma. Please refer to the Squish 7.2.1 known issues page for details and known workarounds.
  • GUI controls on macOS 14.0 Sonoma started to report the (usually larger) geometry of their container window when checking their visible region ([NSView visibleRect]). A workaround was added to make it possible to pick most controls again.


  • Squish is generally compatible with iOS 17.


  • Squish 7.2.1 packages based on Python 3.11.5 are now available on demand.
  • Fixed a crash on stopping video capture at the end of a test case or when invoking test.stopVideoCapture.


  • Fixed instrumentation APKs, which failed to install on Android 14.
  • Fixed the text property of the Toast object missing for Android 13. APKs instrumented with earlier versions of Squish must be reinstrumented to work with this release of Squish.

Squish IDE

  • Fixed a regression in Squish IDE where only some (not all) recording and replaying updates were logged into the control bar's logging console.

Source Packages/Building from Source

  • Do not require the qmake QT_INSTALL_BINS variable to point to an existing path on Unix platforms. The path is only required on Windows, where the Squish configure script may need to enumerate symbols from Qt-shared libraries stored in that path. This fixes building Squish from sources in (cross-compile) environments where Qt executables for the target platform are absent.
  • Updated included zlib to version 1.3
  • The --with-zlib option of configure can now detect static zlib installations on Windows. External shared zlib installations are not supported on Windows because the option is only required when building Squish for a static Qt library.

Notice of Deprecation

  • Starting with Squish 8, Python 2 will be marked as deprecated and no longer supported, since Python 2 is no longer maintained and is removed from more and more platforms.

    Please migrate your existing test suites to Python 3. To migrate your test scripts, refer to the official Python documentation.

    Note: Each Squish installation is configured to use either Python 2 or 3.
    To change this for a Squish installation, execute SQUISH_DIR/bin/squishconfig --python=3.

    Python 2 will be removed in a future Squish version (not before Squish 9).

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