Version 7.1.1

Squish 7.1.1 is a maintenance release containing fixes for bugs in different editions of the product found in the 7.1 feature release, as well as full set of bug fixes included in Squish 6.7.3 release. See the following sections and 6.7.3 release notes for a detailed list of changes.


  • Installing Squish on Windows 7 systems is only possible by forcing the choice of Python 2.7 script language interpreter during installation. This is because Python 3.10 interpreter that is normally shipped with Squish 7.1 and newer is no longer supported on Windows 7.
  • Unattended (non-interactive, command-line) Squish installation ends with an error when attempting to install into a folder containing another Squish instance. This is now consistent with the behaviour of interactive installation.
  • Fixed a problem with uninstalling Squish from a path containing spaces on some Windows 10 systems.

Squish IDE

  • Restored Object Not Found dialog to pop up whenever an object is not found (same for image, OCR text not found dialogs).
  • Fixed wrong position of mouse clicks when doing image-based recording on macOS retina screen.
  • Fixed a problem with stopping the recording of multiple AUTs from IDE control bar.
  • Fixed a crash when replaying BDD scenario outline with examples loaded from an external CSV file.
  • Resolved multiple problems with saving Squish server settings in IDE.
  • Improved behaviour of filtering test cases by tag in hybrid (BDD and scripted) test suites.


  • Testing AUTs built with Qt 6.5 is now supported.
  • Fixed a problem with the geometry of touch input in QtQuick AUTs, leading to recording or picking of an object located outside the actual touch input (right/bottom).
  • Fixed picking of objects via touch input, so that it responds to the first touch already.
  • Fixed wildcard matching in waitForObjectItem() in item views with Qt 6 or newer.
  • Fixed recording and replay of keyboard shortcuts in Qt 3
  • Support for QWaylandCompositor is now disabled by default because it causes stability problems in multi-threaded Qt AUTs. Users who need QWaylandCompositor can enable it by setting TrackQObjectLifetime variable to 1 in SQUISHDIR/etc/qtwrapper.ini


  • Testing AUTs built with SwiftUI on macOS 13 (Ventura) and Xcode 14 is now supported. As automating of SwiftUI AUTs with Squish relies upon the macOS Accessibility API, changes in behaviour of this API can cause existing test scripts to fail after the upgrade. Possible problems include:
    • The title property of accessibility elements exposed by the Accessibility API is empty. The description property is returned as a fallback instead.
    • The title (fallback description respectively) is now updated properly. This might invalidate object names in some cases.
    • Picking and recording of table headers no longer works. A scroll view will be picked or recorded instead. Replay is not affected.
    • Picking and recording of mouse clicks on a list or table row (but outside the cells) no longer works. The closest cell will be returned instead. Replay is not affected.


  • Fixed a problem with wrong screen coordinates when picking web elements in modern versions of Microsoft Edge that come with a sidebar on the right.


  • The Java Wrapper enables testing of AUTs running Java <= 19.


  • Fixed a regression in bitwise &= and |= assignment operators in JavaScript.
  • Enabled JavaScript for-of (for (const e of ['a', 'b']) { ... }) and for-in (for (const e in ['a', 'b']) { ... }) loops with a parameter declared as const.
  • Fixed Recorder timeout error when test.startVideoCapture was used from squishtest Python module.


  • Fixed a crash in squishrunner when retrieving a property value failed on AUT side during the creation of a property verification point.
  • Fixed calling installed event handlers for AUT timeout.
  • Fixed a failure to upload files with captured videos when using Test Center report generator (--reportgen testcenter). The error was reported as Video data file not found.

License Server

  • Let command-line test executions use tester (Squish IDE) licenses if no more executor licenses are available, but some tester licenses are.

Source packages/building from source

  • Fixed a configure symbol lookup issue with the qtHookData symbol
  • System-wide installation of ffmpeg library is no longer auto-detected by configure. Users who want to build Squish from source using system ffmpeg compliant with the requirements can do so by passing --with-ffmpeg=system switch to configure.

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