Installing Squish Embedded Extension for Weston

The Wayland Protocol does not specify some functionality typically found in windowing systems, like screenshooting or input injection. In the default configuration, several Squish features which depend on these features will not work. This extension adds that functionality to the Weston compositor.

Note: The Weston Extension is only included in the Squish Embedded source packages.


The Squish extension for Weston requires the following headers and libraries:

  1. Weston >= 2.0.0
  2. Pixman >= 0.32

It also requires the wayland-scanner command to be compatible with the wayland library installed on the target system. The Weston extension will be built with Squish when configured with --enable-weston-extension if the above requirements are met in the build environment.

When you have these dependencies installed in a non-standard location, you can use the following configure options:

  1. --with-wayland-scanner=/path/to/wayland-scanner
  2. --with-pixman=/path/to/pixman/install/prefix
  3. --with-weston=/path/to/weston/install/prefix

The extension is found in the file in the lib directory of the Squish installation. To use it, you need to edit the weston.ini file and add the path to the extension library to the modules setting in the [core] section, e.g.:

modules = /path/to/Squish/lib/,<other modules>

The module path can also be provided on the Weston command line using the --modules option, e.g.:

$ weston --modules /path/to/Squish/lib/,<other modules> <other options>

Alternatively, the extension library can be copied to Weston's default extension directory (e.g., /usr/lib/weston/). In this case, you can specify just the file name in the configuration file, e.g.:

modules =,<other modules>


$ weston --modules,<other modules> <other options>


The Weston extension has a logging facility that can be used to diagnose any issues. You can configure this using the squish-test section of the weston.ini file:


The log option values can be:

-No logging (default)
+Logging to Weston standard output stream
++Logging to Weston standard error stream
<path>Logging to the specified file

The log-level option values can be:

silentno logging (default)
fatalonly critical messages
warnwarnings and critical messages
detaileddetailed information about performed operations

The above options can also be passed on the Weston command line, e.g.:

$ weston --modules,<other modules> --squish-log=+ --squish-log-level=detailed <other options>

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