Tutorial: Uploading Results to Squish Test Center

After running a test, you can analyze the results in the Test Results view. By default, the Squish IDE stores the last 10 test results, but you can set another number in Preferences > Squish > Logging. To save the results for further analysis, upload them to Squish Test Center, where you can generate HTML reports.

"The Test Results view"

The Upload button is enabled if a Squish Test Center is configured from the Squish Test Center view. Clicking it opens the Uploading Results dialog:

"Uploading Results"

Specify a Project, Batch, and optional Labels to determine how you can organize and group the results in Squish Test Center. Now, you should be able to see an entry for this result in the Squish Test Center view.

"Test Center View"

To see an HTML report of this test result, select it and then click on the toolbar button for Open in Browser. From the browser, you can then drill down into the test report to see the details.

"Test Center HTML Report"