The uibrowser tool browses the AUT's GUI while examining a GUI coverage results file. When given a filename, uibrowser opens the file as an XML GUI coverage results file, and displays a UI Browser that looks like this:

"The UI browser"

For info about what the browser displays, and how to save GUI coverage results, see Tutorial: Coverage of GUI elements.

To open the uibrowser to browse a single coverage file:

$ uibrowser coveragefile.xml

To merge the results of 2 coverage files into a single output file:

$ uibrowser [-o coverage_outputfile.xml] [--coverage file1.xml [file2.xml]*]

To merge results of all coverage files found in a directory:

$ uibrowser [-o coverage_outputfile.xml] [--coveragedir directory]

The options --coverage and --coveragedir cannot be used together.

-d and --coveragedir are equivalent. -o and --output are equivalent.