Image Search Preview dialog

In the Image Search Preview dialog, you can perform a fuzzy match to find an image when you don't expect an exact match of every pixel.

"Image Search Preview dialog"

Select the Refresh button to update the desktop screenshot displayed in this dialog. The dialog and any other Squish IDE windows are hidden while the screenshot is being taken.

The image search options correspond to the parameters passed to the ScreenRectangle findImage(imageFile, [parameterMap], [searchRegion]) and ScreenRectangle waitForImage(imageFile, [parameterMap], [searchRegion]) functions. Adjustments to the values of the parameters trigger re-computation of the image search results visible in this dialog.

If the search option values are adjusted to a sensible default for other image searches, you can Apply the settings as the Default values for new test suites, or Statements in the current test script.