Image Selection Editor

The Image Selection Editor view opens when you insert an image-based-action function into the test script using a new image.


The Image Selection Editor view

In the Image Selection Editor view, mark a region of the desktop's screenshot to copy and store the region on disk for subsequent searches. Use scrollbars to pan to different parts of the screen, and a slider or zoom buttons to zoom in and out of the image. Drag the default rectangular selection into the correct position, and resize the edges to make it fit the element to be searched. Keep the amount of background pixels as small as possible for faster and more robust searches.

Enter a descriptive file name in the Name field. The image is stored in the test suite's shared visual look-up directory (test_suite/shared/searchImages/) and used as an argument to the ScreenRectangle waitForImage(imageFile, [parameterMap], [searchRegion]) function.

To insert an action, click the Insert mouseClick, Insert doubleClick, or Insert tapObject button. Squish IDE executes the action and inserts the respective script statement into the test script.

If you are not happy with the result, click the Refresh or Refresh in 3 sec button to try again, either immediately or with a delay. The delay gives you time to rearrange the application, for example by opening an application menu before taking the screenshot.

Click the Cancel button to cancel the insertion of a new script statement and return to the main recording mode.