The Image view is shown in the Test Management Perspective.

It displays images opened either from the Test Suites view or from the Test Results view. For example, you can view failed images.


The Image view and zoom buttons on the main toolbar

You can use the zoom buttons on the main toolbar to zoom images in the Image view:

  • Zoom in
  • Set the zoom factor to 100%
  • Zoom out
  • Fit in window

The Image view fills a gap on systems where the Squish IDE cannot access the platform's standard image viewer and only provides basic viewing capabilities of the image.

To use some other viewer, select Edit > Preferences > General > File Associations. The tab stores file associations separately for each image file type (.png, .gif, .jpg). Select a file type in File types to list the editors that the Squish IDE associates with the file type in Associated editors.

Click the Add button to open the Editor Selection dialog, where you can select an external editor installed on the system to open files of the given file type. The additional editors become available in the Open With context menu.

To use an editor to open image files from the Test Results view by default, select the editor in Associated editors and click the Default button.

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