Server Settings

To open the Server Settings dialog, select Edit > Server Settings.

"The Squish Server Settings dialog"

In the Application Behavior panel, set Squish's timeouts for AUT startup, response, and post-mortem wait time.

Manage AUTs panel

In the Manage AUTs panel, manage the Mapped AUTs, AUT Paths, and Attachable AUTs that are registered with the squishserver. For more information, see AUT Paths and Mapped AUTs.

"The Manage AUTs panel"

To remove the selected item, click the Remove button. To add a new mapped AUT, AUT path, or attachable AUT, first click the appropriate parent item (e.g., Mapped AUTs if you want to add a mapped AUT), and then click the Add button.

Click the Close button to save your changes and close the dialog.

You can also register and unregister AUTs by using Squish's command line tools, as instructed in AUT Paths and Mapped AUTs.

Playback panel

In the Playback panel, select the Animate Mouse Cursor checkbox to animate the mouse cursor when replaying tests.