The Variables view is shown in the Test Debugging Perspective. It shows the test script's variables (which may include AUT objects), and their values.


The Variables view

The value of some objects is shown as <complex object>. This usually means that the object is a composite object, in which case we can expand it (since the Variables view is a tree view), to see the name, type, and value of each of its components. The view is kept up to date as you step through the program so you can watch variables come into existence, watch their values change, and finally watch them disappear when they go out of scope.

The view has a few toolbar buttons that affect various aspects of how and what data it displays. It also has a context menu with the Select All action, a Copy Variables action (Ctrl+C) that copies a variable's name, type and value—or its name, type and components' names, types, and values—to the clipboard, and a Find action (Ctrl+F) that pops up a Find dialog for searching amongst the variables by their names.