Version 4.2.2

Squish 4.2.2 is a maintenance release containing various bug fixes and small improvements as described below:


  • Fixed an issue which caused squishserver to be blocked by the local firewall if the --local command line switch was used.
  • Python test scripts should now run significantly faster.
  • Fixed a problem which caused no 'main' function to be recorded in some cases when invoking squishrunner on the command line.
  • Fixed a problem with recording test cases while using the --testcase option with squishrunner.
  • Improved handling of Excel spreadsheets with certain classes of Unicode characters.
  • Made executing test cases with a space in the name work in the legacy IDE and when calling squishrunner on the command line with the --testsuite switch.
  • The Object findObject(objectName) now fails more quickly in test suites with large object maps; it also generates more useful error messages.


  • Fixed a problem which caused the Environment Variables to disappear from the test suite settings editor.
  • Integrating the Squish IDE plugins into an existing Eclipse setup is now more robust.
  • The Use as Expected Result feature should no longer overwrite the previously configured comparison mode.
  • Global test scripts can now be opened even if they are stored in a directory called Squish Global Scripts.
  • Old Java test suites created with the AWT or SWT toolkits are now correctly detected as Java test suites.
  • The envvars and suite.conf files can now be opened with the Eclipse Navigator when integrating into an existing Eclipse setup.
  • It is now possible to create test cases in other views than Test Suites when integrating into an existing Eclipse setup.
  • Resolved an issue with editing table cells in the test data editor in case they had no content.
  • A problem which caused Python scripts to be recorded which wouldn't replay anymore due to an incorrect indentation was resolved.
  • The selected test case is no longer changed when renaming a test case using the context menu.
  • The Enable Test Case context menu entry now works correctly even if multiple test cases are selected.
  • The Properties list shown in the spy is now sorted alphabetically.
  • There should no longer be duplicated squishrunner processes When spying after hitting a breakpoint with multiple applications being active.
  • The context menu for folders in the Test Suites view now contains Delete and Rename actions.
  • Files which don't belong to Squish can now be renamed via the Test Suites view.
  • The Test Results view now shows detailed information for each results in the toplevel items.
  • Fixed parsing of test suite configuration fields that start with empty lines or contain comments.


  • The Object waitForObjectItem(objectOrName, itemOrIndex) function can now be used with QComboBox (Qt 3) and Q3ComboBox (Qt 4) controls when using the Motif style.
  • QML items on a QGraphicsView object are supported now.
  • Fixed a problem with generating the real name of Qt widgets which were embedded into a QGraphicsView.
  • openContextMenu(objectOrName, x, y, modifierState) can now be used on QModelIndex objects.
  • mouseClick(objectOrName, x, y, modifierState, button) can now be used on Qt3 QMenuItem objects.
  • Fixed a problem which broke resolving objects using multi-property names when the test suite defaults to hierarchical names.
  • Added basic support for calling slots of custom QObject subclasses.
  • Improved detection for QGraphicsItem and QGraphicsObject objects contained in a QDeclarativeItem or QDeclarativeView. Such objects are now visible in the spy and can be iterated using the SequenceOfObjects object.children(object) function.
  • Fixed a crash which could have triggered when spying the application after attaching to it.
  • Replaying Qt tests on Windows should no longer show message boxes about QtDeclarative4.dll, QtWebKit4.dll and other additional Qt libraries missing (these message boxes didn't actually indicate a problem).
  • Fixed a problem which occasionally caused replaying actions on popup menus in Qt 4 applications to get stuck on Mac OS X.
  • Resolved an issue with recording text input on QComboBox objects (the last character was not recorded in some cases).
  • It's now possible to reference QGraphicsItem objects via their x/y coordinates by using object names like {type='QGraphicsItemRect' x='120' y='50'}.
  • Fixed a crash which was sometimes triggered when calling the clickItem(objectOrName, itemOrIndex, x, y, modifierState, button) function with an invalid item name.
  • Made accessing properties which contain a hyphen work in QtWebkit.


  • Resolved an issue which sometimes caused replaying a right-click to not open a context menu in SWT applications running on Unix.
  • Fixed a problem which might have caused a 'Failed to scroll' error when replaying a test script.
  • Added support for JRE 7.05 or newer on Windows.
  • SWT 3.100 (used in Eclipse 4.2) is supported now.
  • Fixed a problem which caused some URL to be not loaded correctly when using Java web start.
  • Fixed a problem with replaying mouseClick(objectOrName) on AWT/Swing based applets.


  • Fixed executing the typeText(objectOrName, text) function with Firefox 12 and newer.
  • Resolved an issue with replaying double clicks on SmartGWT items.
  • Fixed a problem which caused replaying a test script get stuck when the website being tested shows an alert() message box very early (while loading).
  • The loadUrl(url) function now works more reliably with web sites which load additional data via a timer.
  • waitForContextExists(context) now works with context names containing non-alphanumeric characters.
  • The selectOption(objectOrName, text) will not block test execution anymore for web sites which show a native dialog when accessing the select-element.
  • Made accessing properties which contain a hyphen work in Safari.
  • The raiseBrowser function is now supported for Safari.
  • Firefox is now started correctly when selecting its application bundle in the setup program on Mac OS X.

Windows (native)-specific

  • Improved handling of .NET properties which are of type System.Double or System.Single.
  • The clickItem(objectOrName, itemText) function can now be used for selecting ListBox items in WPF applications.
  • Fixed an issue which broke replaying text input for .NET input fields.
  • Made 'End Recording' work properly when working with attachable applications, so multiple consecutive recording sessions should work better.

macOS-specific (Cocoa/Carbon edition)

  • Added support for taking screenshots of NSWindow objects.
  • Made mouseMove() and mousePress() work with objects which don't subclass NSView (such as items in a NSOutlineView control).
  • Added support for NSRange objects.

iOS-specific (iPhone/iPad edition)

  • iOS 6 is now supported.
  • Fixed a memory leak when replaying tests.
  • Fixed playback of test scripts while having UIGestureRecognizers disabled.
  • Made starting the iPhone simulator while executing a batch of testcases more robust.
  • Added support for NSRange objects.


  • Hooking into Tcl applications which load Tk via package require Tk and then spin the event loop manually instead of using Tk_MainLoop is supported now.