Video Player

The Video Player view is shown in the Test Management Perspective. It allows replaying of videos that have been captured as part of the test execution, using the test.startVideoCapture(message) or the Playback option --enable-video-capture. This view can be opened or activated by double-clicking on a video attachment or using Jump to Video at Timestamp toolbar button ( {} ) or context menu in Test Results view


The Video Player view

The Video Player view provides common actions for controlling the video playback, including a Play/Pause button ({} , {} ) to interrupt the video playback, buttons for jumping forwards ( {} ) and backwards ( {} ) a few seconds, and a Stop button to end video playback completely ({} ). The current position of the video is displayed as a time offset from the beginning, next to the duration of the complete video. The slider at the right allows seeking to a specific point in the video and also resembles the current position of the video.

The video playback can be optionally synchronized with the selection in the Test Results view and vice versa. This view setting can be changed in the view's toolbar menu indicated by three vertical dots by toggling Synchronize with Test Report menu entry ({} ) on/off.

When the synchronization is enabled, it works in both ways: the selected item in the Test Results view is automatically updated to follow the video playback. Similarly, as the user selects items in the test result view, the playback fast forwards or rewinds to the corresponding position in the video.

Using the Settings dropdown ({} ) it is possible to adjust the playback speed. This allows you to observe quickly done interactions more closely, or to run faster through longer periods of no interactions in the video.