Installation for Testing with a Renamed Qt Library

Qt 3

To use Squish with a renamed Qt 3 library, you must configure additional options. On Unix and macOS, you must use the -with-qtlibname=<renamed Qt library> option.

On Windows, you must specify the following options, even if any of the libraries is not renamed, in which case, you must use its original name:

  • --with-qtdllname=path to Qt/bin/renamedqt-mt.dll specifies the path to the renamed Qt DLL
  • --with-qtlibname=path to Qt/lib/renamedqt-mt.lib specifies the path to the renamed Qt import library
  • --with-qtmainlibname=path to Qt/lib/qtmain.lib specifies the path to the renamed qtmain.lib library

The Qt DLL and import library names should contain the characters mt to indicate that a Qt library is multi-threaded. configure uses this string to automatically disable parts of Squish as appropriate.

Qt 4 or Later

To use Squish with a renamed Qt library, you need an additional configuration option. If you configured your Qt library with the option -qtlibinfix infix, you must configure Squish with the option --with-qtlibinfix=infix.

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