Search Image Selection

To open the Search Image Selection dialog, choose the Insert > mouseClick(<Image>), Insert > doubleClick(<Image>), or Insert > tapObject(<Image>) action from the Control Bar. If no images have been stored in the test suite, the Image Selection Editor view opens.

"The Search Image Selection view"

The dialog displays the list of available images and image groups stored in the test suite's shared/searchImages or the current test case's searchImages/ directory. The image groups are distinguished by a folder icon overlay. Double-click an image group to display its contents. The path to the currently displayed group is displayed in the top frame. Click on the group buttons to returns the view to the respective image group or to the root of the hierarchy.

When you select one of the existing images, the Insert <action> first attempts to execute the selection action and (upon sucess) inserts the respective script statement into the test script.

If the existing images are not suitable, click New Image to take a screenshot and open the Image Selection Editor view.

To cancel the insertion of an image-based script statement and return to the main recording mode, click the Cancel button.