Version 3.1.1

Version 3.1.1 is a maintenance release that incorporates a couple of bug fixes. User visible changes and improvements are listed below.


  • A test suite has a default naming scheme property now. If not specified in the suite.conf file, it is set to old, hierarchical names. This way existing pre-3.1 test suites keep using hierarchical as default. This is also true for using the Spy when picking objects and inserting Verification Points. Modify the NAMINGSCHEME entry to MULTIPROP or HIERACHICAL in suite.conf to change the default naming scheme.


  • The following classes that appeared in the Qt 4.2 release were added to the Qt Wrapper and are therefore available in test scripts: QGraphicsView and related classes, QCalendarWidget, QFontComboBox, QDialogButtonBox, QWidgetAction, QSystemTrayIcon, QDesktopServices and Q3(H|V)GroupBox.
  • The multi-property object identification scheme added in version 3.1.0 has undergone some improvements to provide more robust names.
  • When building a Squish for Qt package from sources a Qt setup with the source directory being different than the Qt installation directory is automatically detected. This enables builds with custom Qt and Qtopia installations without manually setting the QTSRCDIR build variable.


  • Important fix for Squish Spy for SWT, it had a serious threading problem in 3.1.0.
  • Screenshots for a JFrame, or Shell in SWT, is now supported as well.
  • Added closeWindow(object) to the Java convenient API for scripts, which closes a top level window or dialog. Also closing such a window with recording by the system window menu or close button, will now record it as a closeWindow(object).
  • The object picker from spy now prevents that the click event, triggered by the actual picking, does not reach the AUT event processing.


  • Input into file upload elements (INPUT elements of type FILE) can be recorded and replayed now.
  • During setup any running Mozilla and Firefox instances are automatically shut down to ensure a proper plug-in installation.
  • DIV and SPAN elements that have a reasonable innerText property are now identified by this property rather than by fragile, hierarchical names.

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