Version 4.1.0 Beta 2


  • Fixed ignored --aut switch on --testsuite recording.
  • Fixed default slider settings in Image Verification Point editor.
  • Better handling of invalid arguments in startApplication() and attachToApplication() Python functions.
  • Fixed Math.random() JavaScript function to returning reasonably random numbers on Windows.
  • Fixed Beta 1 regression that caused crashes on JS syntax errors.
  • Provided host and port properties on ApplicationContext script objects.
  • Adapted Mac OS X packages to also run on 'Lion'.
  • Provide OS.machine and OS.release properties in JavaScript test scripts.
  • Don't have the Tcl debugger crash on unbalanced return commands.
  • Avoid lingering extrawwindowwatcher processes after squishserver exits.


  • Fixed display of Screenshot Verification Points created with older versions.
  • Improved editor tab titles.
  • Fixed handling of inconsistent line endings that lead to empty lines in the AUT log output on Windows.
  • Avoid possibly hurtful environment variables being inherited from the IDE to the AUT.
  • Work around a menu problem caused by a bug in Ubuntu 11.04 when running IDE from all-in-one package. Documented the same as a FAQ entry for users of the standalone version.
  • Avoid exception when an empty property value is copied from the Spy into the system clipboard.
  • Fixed debug View state in the IDE when stepping.
  • Fixed a case of missing scrollbars.
  • Improved selection after completing built-in functions in the script editor.
  • Allow opening arbitrary files from Resource Views in the Test Suite View.
  • Open external editor for PNG files as generated on failed image comparisons.
  • Allow opening of test.* files with script languages other than the default one.
  • Fixed Null Pointer Exception that occurred when the Projects View was accessed (e.g. upon import of a test resource) before it was opened.
  • Proper shutdown of ScriptConsole when script execution ends. Makes system threads started in the background exit properly.
  • Fixed incompatibility with 4.0 toolkit packages.
  • Added an editor for a summary and description for the test suite and each test case.
  • Exposed --resultdir feature that was previously added to squishrunner.
  • Fixed exception caused by race condition in file system monitor watching test case directories.
  • Fixed repeated execution of Record Snippet.
  • Ensure a reasonable minimum size of the Control Bar.
  • Fixed a case of the AUT not being stopped when recording got cancelled.
  • Avoid accidental deletion from workspace data on the hard disk.
  • Don't start VP editor twice when in Run-Record-VP mode.
  • Fixed deletion of Test Cases and Resources via Edit/Delete.
  • Try to bring the main window to front after the Control Bar is closed.
  • Hide IDE again when continuing execution after hitting a breakpoint.


  • Added safeguard for property access on deleted QObjects.
  • Fixed dynamic wrapping of QAxWidget wrapper for ActiveX controls.
  • Implemented menu recording with the Cocoa port of Qt on Mac OS X.
  • Fixed setWindowState(...,Maximize) with Qt 4.7.2 on Mac.
  • Better handle sudden deletion of QtDeclarative Items.
  • Fixed style-related menu action replay on Mac OS X.
  • Fixed check of combined Qt+Web licenses when the browser is embedded into the C++ application.
  • Updated RPM package for MeeGo devices.
  • Stop shipping a copy of the QtWebKit DLL on Windows. It's an optional requirement.
  • Ensure that QWebView widgets have JavaScript support enabled when we try to test them.
  • Throw proper error when openContextMenu() is called on invalid QGraphicsView items.


  • Fixed a bug in setting of CLASSPATH environment variable.
  • Fixed recorded drag distance.
  • Fixed JTable cell caption value when columns are rearranged with respect to model columns.
  • Fixed click coordinate of clickTreeHandle() calls after an SWT tree got scrolled.


  • Added support for Firefox 4.
  • Fixed fetching of style properties in Firefox.
  • Fixed launching of server of new alternative style of Web browser testing.
  • Fix escaping of single quotes in recorded multi-property names.

Windows (native)-specific

  • Partial support for Exontrols GUI controls. Will be completed with final version of 4.1. Available upon request.
  • Improved error reporting for Windows controls obscured by other applications.
  • Fixed packaging of example script files.
  • Commenced work on old-style Infragistics COM components. Scheduled to be completed in 4.1.0 final. Available upon request.

Mac-specific (Cocoa/Carbon edition)

  • Support more NSCell subclasses.
  • Added support for table view header cells.


  • Improved detection of iPhone simulator preferences directory.
  • Added detection of the iPhone SDK that the application was built with. So specifying the --sdk option to the iphonelauncher utility is no longer required.


  • Support attachToApplication() for Squish/Tk. Works for both statically and dynamically linked applications.
  • Made startaut work on Windows.
  • Make sure items in a tkTable widget are visible before clicking.
  • Support 64-bit applications on Windows.
  • Fixed waitForObjectItem() to really wait for the item.
  • Support system-modal message boxes in event handlers.
  • Fixed crashes on slow AUT startup.


  • Documented startaut's --wrapper option.
  • Documented global mousePress(), mouseMove() and mouseRelease() functions.
  • Added documentation and --help option for squishhrunner --config setBrowserPath action.
  • Documented new Java collapse() and expand() functions.
  • Started work on a new Squish for Web tutorial. Will ship with 4.1.0 final.

Source Builds

  • Made build interruptable with Ctrl-C on Windows.
  • Fixed X11 library linking with recent Qt installations that are build with the --as-needed switch.