Version 5.1.4

Squish 5.1.4 is a maintenance release that provides updates of the Windows, iOS, Web and Flex editions. In addition, licensees of the Qt edition will receive access to an updated source package for builds against Qt 5.5 Alpha.


  • Introduce new 'column' property for TableColumn objects. Fixed row index to start counting from 1 instead of 0.
  • Support comboboxes within .NET DataGridViews.
  • Default to using primary mouse button instead of left mouse button to do the right thing for both right-handed and left-handed mouse setups. The Respect Swapped Mouse Buttons entry in SQUISH_DIR/etc/winwrapper.ini can be used to revert to the old behavior if needed.
  • Reuse existing Object Map names when picking objects.
  • Fixed geometry detection of Windows Forms Splitter controls for picking, record and replay.
  • Have startwinaut deal more friendly with sub-processes started by the application.
  • Fixed bogus cell texts in Table VPs for scrolled-off WPF DataGrid cells.
  • Support complex tree items in .NET Telerik controls.
  • Fixed calling setValue() on MFC slider controls.
  • Fixed hit test for MFC TreeView items used in 64-bit applications.
  • Fixed automation of sub-processes of attached applications.
  • Fixed handling of TextBlock elements in WPF ListViews
  • Expose name property on UI Automation Edit controls.
  • Fixed attaching to an application with an embedded Internet Explorer control multiple times.
  • Let UI Automation access to ComboBox controls expose both name and text properties.
  • Fixed Windows resource (GDI handle) leak impacting long running tests.
  • Fixed crash occurring when accessing Windows system tray icons.


  • Fixed crashes when recording and replaying tests on ARM64 hardware.
  • Added support for testing 64-bit Apps in the iOS Simulator.


  • More robust recording of SmartGWT SelectItem elements.
  • Do not clear Chrome history between runs. Information about accepted https certificates will be lost otherwise.
  • Avoid Firefox settings getting lost in case record or replay is aborted.
  • Enable testing with Firefox for sites using the Content-Security-Policy HTTP header.
  • Improved handling of ButtonItem controls with buggy SmartClient versions.
  • Support access to IFRAME elements from other origins when testing with Chrome.
  • Suppress Chromes 'First Run' and other interactive checks that can interrupted an automated tests.
  • Disable Chrome's automated data syncing with Google servers.
  • Do not store test-passwords in Chromes permanent password store.
  • Added support for HTML 5 input fields of type number, url and tel.
  • Avoid crash when accessing a connection to a browser (or document) is lost for some reason.
  • Fix clicking buttons and possibly other SmartGWT objects in IE9 standard mode.
  • Fixed clickItem() calls on checkboxes in SmartGWT 5.0
  • Fixed input field type determination for IE in Quirks mode.


  • Fixed cleanup of multiple Flex applications running in the browser at the same time.
  • Fixed handling of non-connected Flex applications.


  • New set of source packages for builds of the Qt Wrapper against Qt 5.5 Alpha. Binary packages will be made available once the final version of Qt 5.5 has been released.

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