Version 6.4.1

Squish 6.4.1 is a maintenance release containing mostly bug fixes for the Squish IDE as well as for features related to Script-Based Object Maps. See the following sections for a detailed list of all changes.


  • Improved support for accessing Microsoft Excel 2007 (xlsx) files via the Test Data Functions script API.
  • Improved refactoring, conversion and object map editor performance for large script-based object maps.
  • Fixed an issue causing an error message to be shown when processing verification point files while converting text-based object maps to script-based object maps.
  • Resolved an issue causing the Squish IDE to freeze when when converting text-based object maps to script-based object maps.
  • Added back the possibility to specify the path to a text-based object map in the test suite settings.
  • Added option to conversion utility to keep text based object map in order to make it easier to use text and script based object maps side by side.
  • Convert to Real Name and Open Symbolic Name now work on unsaved documents for script based references.
  • Fixed an issue when refactoring Perl test scripts causing object names to be inserted at incorrect positions.
  • Property values starting with "0" are now rendered as strings in script-based object maps (previously rendered as numbers which caused issues).
  • Fixed a crash when calling a Qt signal handler function installed via installSignalHandler(objectOrName, signalSignature, handlerFunctionName), for example in case the signal handler doesn't accept the correct number of arguments.
  • Fixed incorrect script locations in Perl when calling a sub inside a Squish test function call.
  • Fixed search order when importing a script module into the test script. Global script directories are no longer preferred over local test suite resources.

Squish IDE-specific

  • Add a separate tree item to access failed screenshots and object dumps in the Results View.
  • Provide the testcase/testsuite summary and test step descriptions in a tooltip from the Results View.
  • Masked regions in screenshot verifications are being drawn with a semi-transparent black overlay instead of non-transparent black, making the result look less like a rendering-issue occurred.
  • Allow to configure filename filters for the Steps view.
  • Allow to restore the default set of filename filters in all views showing files.
  • Fixed a problem with incomplete application of changed foreground/background colors for the results view.
  • Fixed a problem causing deletion of files that where dragged inside the global scripts view and dropped onto their immediate parent folder.
  • Fix a hang when accessing the Edit menu when squishserver is not reachable
  • Drop submenu items from Server Settings menu in favor of a single menu entry opening the dialog directly.
  • Make the template used for newly created BDD tests configurable by editing the scriptmodules/test_template.feature file.
  • Fixed an error occurring when changing logging preferences in the Squish/Logging page and applying the changes.
  • Fix a problem with initializing the Squish IDE's setting for the crash dump dialog when the Squish IDE is started in an environment that disables the crash dump dialog.
  • Added identifier syntax highlighting for variables and property expressions for Python and JavaScript. This is accessible via Preferences > PyDev > Editor > Variable > Properties) resp. Preferences > JavaScript > Editor > SyntaxColoring > Identifiers.
  • Fixed Object Not Found dialog for unknown symbolic names.
  • Always show the toolkit page when creating a new testsuite to avoid confusion of new users since the documentation shows screenshots with that page.




  • Fix missing constructors for certain Qt types on Qt 5.11.
  • Fix screenshot VPs showing parts of the desktop if the verified widget is larger than the application window.
  • Activate surrounding toplevel window when executing the type(objectOrName, text) function.


Source Packages

  • Add support for building against Python 3.7.