Version 6.4.2

Squish 6.4.2 is a maintenance release containing bug fixes for all editions of the product. See the following sections for a detailed list of all changes.



  • Scripts using the squishtest Python module can now use the XML3 report format.
  • Python scripts using the squishtest module will no longer print warning messages to the console when calling the Object waitForObject(objectOrName) function.
  • Fixed an issue in the squishtest Python module which caused screenshots taken in response to test failures not to get saved to disk.
  • Fixed memory leak when editing BDD features for JavaScript scripts.
  • The JavaScript source() function - when invoked inside an imported script module - will evaluate code within that module's scope. As a result, functions and variables will no longer leak to the global scope. We advise to port all source(filename) calls to import statements.
  • The nativeType(keys) function now permits typing just modifier keys when executing tests on macOS, as in nativeType("<Alt>").
  • Fixed squishide crash when using circular imports in Python.


  • Support added for Android-9.0.
  • The Object Snapshot functionality now works as expected when dealing with applications embedding WebView controls.


  • Fixed a problem shutting down Chrome and Firefox processes leading to error messages shown in the server log about QProcess deleted while process is still running.
  • Fixed a problem causing the webhook process to terminate unexpectedly when typing text into an input field.
  • Fixed a problem accessing the text of items in some SmartGWT trees


  • Fixed geometry and readiness calculation for items that have a non-zero height and width but return an empty bounding rectangle, most notably Text and TextInput items without any text set.
  • Fixed type(objectOrName, text) not throwing an error on invalid special key sequences such as <Contrl>.
  • The type(objectOrName, text) now accepts the modifier Ctrl as documented; the old term Control is still accepted for backwards compatibility.
  • Fixed an issue causing the AUT to abort unexpectedly when enabling qWarning() messages to be fatal errors.
  • Added QImage/QPixmap API in testscripts for Qt 5.11 and later.
  • Fixed an issue causing interactions with partially off-screen QGraphicsItem objects not to fail.
  • Squish now shows the Qt version and configuration when hooking.


macOS-specific (Cocoa/Carbon edition)

  • Added support for custom views in the title bar of a window.

Windows (native)-specific

  • Fixed tests ending prematurely in some cases when interacting with plain Win32 (e.g. MFC) toolbar items.
  • Improved reliability of recording user interactions, especially interactions done right after starting the application.
  • Fixed a problem causing Squish not to recognize any HTML elements in IE controls embedded into native Windows applications.

Source Packages

  • Running build install will now also install .pdb files when doing debug builds on Windows.
  • Added support for building with Qt 5.12 (except for Qt on Android).

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