Version 6.6.1

Squish 6.6.1 is a maintenance release containing bug fixes for all editions of the product. See the following sections for a detailed list of all changes.


  • Fixed a regression in Squish 6.6 which caused drag and drop operations to fail when executing tests on Windows.
  • Fixed abnormal program termination when calling squishserver --stop, even with no squishserver instance running.

Squish IDE-specific

  • Fixed a problem which caused the Squish IDE to show no objects in the Application Objects view when a breakpoint was reached. This issue occurred when executing Squish for Web test suites or in test suites which implicitly start the AUT instead of calling ApplicationContext startApplication(autName) explicitly.


  • Resolved an issue in which the JavaScript function int OS.system(command) would not work as expected on Windows when executing commands involving non-Latin characters.
  • Fixed various cases in which incorrect script code for script-based object maps was generated when using Tcl.
  • Fixed an issue with leaking variables declared with let or const in the header from for-in or for-of loops.


  • Filename completion in Qt file dialogs was disabled for cleaner recordings and to avoid problems due to lost input focus with Qt 5.11 and later.
  • Fixed issues with picking objects in Qt 5.15 applications when using Squish on Windows.


  • Fixed a problem with hooking up Firefox on systems which would automatically change the Squish-specific startup URL from http://localhost/squish_extension_port_number to https://localhost/squish_extension_port_number.
  • Fixed a problem with nativeMouseClick(x, y, button), typeText(objectOrName, text) and tab activation in Microsoft Internet Explorer with a website URL longer than 127 characters.

Windows (native)-specific

  • Improved support for newer versions of DevExpress Grid controls for WPF.