Exporting from Design Tools

When working with 2D assets, you can use Qt Bridge to export them from design tools into a metadata format that you can then import into Qt Design Studio.

When working with 3D assets, you can use the export functions provided by the 3D graphics tools to save the assets in widely-used 3D graphics formats, and then use Qt Bridge to import them into Qt Design Studio.

For best results when importing assets, follow the guidelines for creating and exporting them.

2D Assets

You can use Qt Online Installer to install Qt Bridge if you have a Qt Design Studio enterprise license.

3D Assets

You can import files you created using 3D graphics applications and stored in several widely-used formats, such as .blend, .dae, .fbx, .glb, .gltf, .obj, .uia, or .uip.

For an overview, see Exporting 3D Assets.

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