To view and modify the code in a UI file (.ui.qml) or component file (.qml), go to View and select Views > Code. Qt Design Studio generates the code when you create components in the 2D or 3D view and specify their properties in Properties.

"The Code view"

You can also view and modify other types of text files.

Editing Code

The Code view offers semantic highlighting, syntax checking, code completion, code indentation, context sensitive help, and in-line error indicators while you are typing.

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Semantic Highlighting

To help you write well formatted code, the Code view highlights code elements and blocks. Qt Design Studio reads the source code, analyzes it, and highlights it based on semantic checks.

To select the color scheme for semantic highlighting, go to Preferences > Text Editor > Font & Colors.

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Refactoring Code

Code refactoring is the process of improving and simplifying code without modifying the existing functionality of an application. You can easily find and rename symbols and apply quick fixes in the Code view to refactor code.

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Searching in Code

The incremental search highlights the matching strings in the Code view while you type.

To open the search dialog in the Code view:

  • Go to Edit > Find/Replace > Find/Replace.
  • Select Ctrl + F (or Cmd + F on macOS).

With advanced search, you can search in currently open projects or files on the file system.

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Setting Code view Preferences

To set preference for the Code view, go to Preferences > Text Editor.

{Text Editor preferences}

The settings you specify apply globally to all projects.

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See also Jump to the Code.

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