File System

{File System view}

To move to the root directory of the file system, select Computer in the menu (1). Select Home to move to the user's home directory. Further, you can select a project to move to an open project or Projects to move to the directory specified in the Projects directory field in Edit > Preferences > Build & Run > General.

The file that is currently active in the editor determines which folder to display in the File System view:

  • Projects if the file is located in a subdirectory of the Projects directory
  • Home if the file is located in the user's home directory
  • Computer in all other cases

To stop the synchronization between the editor and the File System view, deselect the (Synchronize Root Directory with Editor) button.

The view displays the path to the active file as bread crumbs. You can move to any directory along the path by clicking it.

File System Context Menu

Use the context menu functions to:

  • Open files with the default editor or some other editor.
  • Open a project located in the selected directory.
  • Show the file or directory in the file explorer.
  • Open a terminal window in the selected directory or in the directory that has the file. To specify the terminal to use on Linux and macOS, select Edit > Preferences > Environment > System.
  • Search from the selected directory.
  • View file properties, such as name, path, MIME type, default editor, line endings, indentation, owner, size, last read and modified dates, and permissions.
  • Create new files. For more information, see Adding Files to Projects.
  • Rename existing files. To move the file to another directory, enter the relative or absolute path to its new location in addition to the new filename.
  • Remove existing files.
  • Create new folders.
  • Compare the selected file with the currently open file in the diff editor. For more information, see Comparing Files.
  • Display the contents of a particular directory in the view.
  • Collapse all open folders.

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