Managing Workspaces

In the Design and Debug modes, you can arrange a set of Qt Design Studio views as a workspace on the screen.

To detach views:

  • Double-click the title bar of the view.
  • Start dragging the view to another position.
  • Select the (Detach Group) button.

You can move detached views or groups of views anywhere on the screen.

To attach views, drag them over the dock area markers until the dock area where you want to attach the view is highlighted, and then drop them into the dock area.

"Attaching views"

To close groups of views, select the Close Group button.

To open closed views, select Window > Views.

Saving Workspaces

The changes you make to a workspace are saved when you exit Qt Design Studio. In Qt Quick Designer, you can select Window > Workspaces > Manage > Restore last workspace on startup to restore the current workspace the next time you start Qt Design Studio.

"Workspace Manager"

To save a workspace under a new name, select Clone.

To revert the changes you made to a preset workspace, select Reset.

To switch between workspaces, select Switch To.

To create a new workspace:

  1. Select New.
  2. In the Enter the name of the workspace field, enter a name for the workspace.
  3. Select Create to create a new empty workspace or Create and Open to create a workspace and to switch to it.

To delete the selected workspace, select Delete.

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