Using Qt Quick Toolbars

When you select a QML type in the code and a toolbar is available, a light bulb icon appears: . Select the icon to open the toolbar.

To open toolbars immediately when you select a QML type, select Preferences > Qt Quick > QML/JS Editing > Always show Qt Quick Toolbar.

{QML/JS Editing preferences}

Drag the toolbar to pin it to another location. Select to unpin the toolbar and move it to its default location. To pin toolbars by default, select Pin Qt Quick Toolbar.

Previewing Images

The Qt Quick Toolbar for images allows you to edit the properties of Border Image and Image items. You can scale and tile the images, replace them with other images, preview them, and change the image margins.

"Qt Quick Toolbar for images"

To preview an image, double-click it on the toolbar. In the preview dialog, you can zoom the image. Drag the image margins to change them.

"Image preview dialog"

Formatting Text

The Qt Quick Toolbar for text allows you to edit the properties of Text items. You can change the font family and size as well as text formatting, style, alignment, and color.

Note: Move the mouse pointer over a color hex value in the code editor to see the color as a tooltip.

If a property is assigned an expression instead of a value, you cannot use the toolbar to edit it. The button for editing the property is disabled.

"Qt Quick Toolbar for text"

By default, font size is specified as pixels. To use points, instead, change px to pt in the size field.

Previewing Animation

The Qt Quick Toolbar for animation allows you to edit the properties of PropertyAnimation items and the items that inherit it. You can change the easing curve type and duration. For some curves, you can also specify amplitude, period, and overshoot values.

"Qt Quick Toolbar for animation"

Select the play button to preview your changes.

Editing Rectangles

The Qt Quick Toolbar for rectangles allows you to edit the properties of Rectangle items. You can change the fill and border colors and add gradients.

"Qt Quick Toolbar for rectangles"

To add gradient stop points, click above the gradient bar. To remove stop points, drag them upwards.

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