Qt for MCUs Framework

Qt for MCUs is a comprehensive framework that supports various hardware ecosystems and platforms. One of the most important libraries provided by the Qt for MCUs framework is Qt Quick Ultralite (QUL), a lightweight implementation of the Qt Quick framework. Qt Quick Ultralite provides a QML API and an efficient graphics rendering engine that has a low memory footprint and is optimized for MCUs and other resource-constrained devices.

In addition to a lightweight graphics framework, Qt for MCUs offers a toolkit that enables you to design, develop, and deploy graphical user interfaces (GUI) on microcontrollers (MCU). Also, it lets you run the applications either on BareMetal or a real-time operating system (RTOS).

Note: In addition to BareMetal and RTOS, you can use the desktop kit to run and test the application on desktop without flashing it each time.

For more information on Qt for MCUs, see Qt for MCUs documentation.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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