Filter documentation

You can filter the documents displayed in the Help mode to find relevant information faster. Select a filter from a list of filters. The contents of the Index and Contents view in the sidebar change accordingly.

{Filters field on the Help mode toolbar}

Add filters

You can define your own filters to display documentation for a set of Qt modules and versions.

To add filters:

  1. Select Preferences > Help > Filters.

    {Filters tab in Help preferences}

  2. Select to add a new filter in the Add Filter dialog.
  3. In the Filter name field, enter a name for the filter, and then select OK to return to the Filters tab.
  4. In the Components field, select the Qt modules to include in the filter.
  5. In the Versions field, select the Qt versions to include in the filter.
  6. Click OK.
  7. In the Help mode, select the filter in the list of filters to see the filtered documentation in the sidebar.

Change filters

To modify the selected filter, add and remove Qt modules and versions, and then select Apply.

To rename the selected filter, select Rename.

Remove filters

To remove the selected filter select .

See also Get help.

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