The Issues view filters out irrelevant output from the build tools and presents the issues in an organized way.

To further filter the output by type, select (Filter Tree) and then select a filter:

  • Asset Export - Errors and warnings encountered while exporting assets.
  • Asset Importer Error - Errors and warnings encountered while importing assets from a design tool.
  • Build System - Errors and warnings encountered when opening and managing projects.
  • Compile - Selected output from the compiler. Open Compile Output for more detailed information.
  • Debug Information - Lists debug information packages that might be missing.
  • Debugger Runtime - Errors encountered when starting Qt Design Studio. For example, information about missing DLLs.
  • Deployment - Errors encountered between building an application successfully and starting it on a device.
  • QML and QML Analysis - QML and JavaScript syntax errors.

To find output in the view, enter search criteria in the Filter field.


Select one or several lines to apply context-menu actions to their contents. You can remove the selected lines or copy their contents to the clipboard. For single lines, you can search the Internet for a solution using the contents of the line as search criteria or open a version control annotation view of the line that causes the error message.

To view detailed information about the selected line (where available), press Space.

To navigate to the corresponding source code, click an issue or select Show in Editor in the context menu. The entry must contain the name of the file where the issue was found.

To view more information about an issue in Compile Output, select Show Compile Output in the context menu.

To jump from one issue to the next or previous one, select and or press F6 and Shift+F6.

By default, a new build clears the Issues view. To keep the issues from the previous build rounds, deselect Edit > Preferences > Build & Run > General > Clear issues list on new build.

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