View output

The output views show output from several sources, such as a list of errors and warnings encountered during a build, detailed output from the compiler, status of a program when it is executed, debug output, or search results.

{Output views}

You can open output views in all modes

  • Select View > Output. The menu items also display the keyboard shortcuts that you can use.
  • Select Alt (Cmd on macOS) and the number of the view.
  • Select , and then select the view to open.

To maximize an open output view, select the (Maximize) button or press Alt+Shift+9.

To increase or decrease the output text size, select (Zoom In) or (Zoom Out), or press Ctrl++ or Ctrl+-. Zooming is not supported in all output views.

Change text encoding

If the text in the output is not displayed correctly, Qt Design Studio might be using a different codec from the one used by the tools that generate the output. To specify the codec to use, select Preferences > Environment > Interface, and then select the codec in the Text codec for tools field.

{Interface tab in Environment preferences}

Find and filter output

To search in output, press Ctrl+F when the view is active. Enter search criteria in the Find field. For more information, see Search in current file.

To filter output, enter a string in the Filter field.

To specify filtering options, select the Filtering options menu button. You can filter output by using regular expressions or case-sensitivity. Select Show Non-matching Lines to hide the lines that match the filter.

Some output views do not support finding and filtering.

Output views

The following views show output:

Application Output

Displays the status of a program when you execute it, and the debug output.

Compile Output

Shows all output from the compiler.


Lists issues from different sources.

Search Results View

Search through projects, files on a file system or the currently open files and view search results.

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